Yamaha HS8 Studio Monitors
Auratone 5C Sound Cubes
UA Apollo Twin MK II
Technics SL-1200 Turntable
Sennheiser HD 600
Audio Technica ATH-M50
Custom Acoustic Room Treatment


Chandler Limited REDD.47 Tube Preamp
Warm WA73-EQ Preamp/EQ
Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor
Warm WA-2A Tube Optical Compressor
Warm WA76 FET Compressor

DBX 160a Compressor
Warm EQP-WA Tube EQ


Ableton Live
Complete Waves, Fabfilter, UA suites
Soundtoys, Softube, Valhalla effects
Izotope RX-8, Melodyne, Soothe2
Brainworx, Flux Alchemist, Gullfoss

I have 15 years of audio experience that includes writing/producing, tracking, mixing, and mastering for various genres via both analog and DAW workflows (primarily Ableton Live). I am a multi-instrumentalist specializing in Indie Rock and Hip-Hop production, blending analog-era and modern techniques to mix everything from lush rock soundscapes to bass-heavy trap beats with up-front vocals.

I have exceptional experience processing Hip-Hop/Pop vocals, expanding (de-compressing) pre-mastered instrumentals, and interpolating low-fidelity audio for use as samples.

I have 6 years of mastering experience, utilizing high-end plugin suites and an array of listening environments to create well balanced masters with competitive loudness. My credentials also include podcast, audiobook, and voice-over editing/mixing, as well as having managed the VO booth used for all Los Angeles BuzzFeed voice-over material (including Tasty) from 2017-2020.


$ 100 per song
  • Mastered for CD and all DSPs
  • 2 WAV files at varying loudness provided
  • 2 revisions included
  • Bulk pricing available for EPs and albums

Simple Mix

$ 150 per song
  • Mixing vocals with provided instrumental
  • 2 revisions included
  • Mastering optional at discounted price
  • Bulk pricing available for EPs and albums

Complex Mix

$ 250 per song
  • Mixing a complex multi-track session
  • Stems provided upon request
  • 2 revisions included
  • Mastering optional at discounted price

* Additional revisions are available at an hourly rate ($30/hr).

* Please inquire for film scoring, podcast, audio book, or audio restoration needs. Rates are dependent upon scope of work.